Comparing (S)FTP Clients for Mac

In Apple & Software door Benjamin

I’ve been using Cyberduck for the last couple of years as my main FTP client. I don’t really know why I chose Cyberduck back then but probably because it’s free and it was the first one I found. Although it really misses a dual pane local/remote view, I also never bothered looking for another FTP client, free or paid.

FTP Client test on Mac

A couple of months ago however I bought ForkLift in the Mac App Store (MAS) to use as an alternative for Finder and noticed ForkLift also has FTP capabilities.

After trying ForkLift’s FTP capabilities I felt like it left Cyberduck in the dust. Amazingly fast. The problem with ForkLift is that it’s more focused on Finder type stuff than FTP capabilities.
For example Forklift won’t let you set any “skip rules” for files like .DS_Store, .svn or .git and it won’t allow you to auto-change permissions for files and folders on upload, which I use allot.

But the difference in speed was significant enough to convince me to look around for other FTP clients to see how they stack up against Cyberduck.

Ultimately I decided to take the following clients for a test drive: Cyberduck, Transmit, ForkLift, FileZilla and Coda (I know Coda isn’t really an FTP client).

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